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Consortium PPRD South II

  • CIVI.POL Conseil

    CIVI.POL Conseil  is the in-house consulting and service company of the French Ministry of Interior, and its mandated body for international assistance. Since its founding in 2001, CIVI.POL Conseil has been providing services in the areas of expertise of the French Ministry of Interior. 

  • Ministry of Interior

    At national level, the Civil Defense and Protection Directorate (DGSCGC) of the French Ministry of the Interior is the central structure responsible for risk management in France, whether daily life accidents or major disasters.  The DGSCGC has also Civil Protection schools (ENSOSP) that can offer training sessions.

  • Expertise France

    Expertise France is the international technical assistance consultant agency and operator for the ministries of the Economy, the Budget and for Sustainable Development. ADETEF and very in the Mediterranean area (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia) and will be able to mobilize short-term experts on climate change issues, and especially on mainstreaming.

  • ICDO

    The International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) is an intergovernmental Organization whose objective is to contribute to the state development of structures ensuring the protection and assistance of populations and safeguarding property and the environment in the face of natural and man-made disasters. Founded in 1997, the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) is a Spanish non-profit public institution serving the State's foreign policy in the area of international development cooperation, mainly in the fields of institutions and democratic governance.

  • MWH

     MWH is an independent consulting firm and, the oldest environmental company in the world. MWH is present in 35 countries and employing nearly over 8,000 people across 6 continents. MWH has a proven track record and extensive experience in developing capacity building programs, awareness raising and project management approaches, and for more than 7 years MWH has been implementing the regional capacity building initiative project (ENPI Region)


    The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) is a Spanish public international cooperation entity. Its objectives are to improve the institutional framework in the countries where it operates and enhance the image of Spain and Europe abroad.

    FIIAPP projects seek to improve the legal frameworks, the work of public offices and the quality of life of the citizens through technical assistance, Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) and public leadership projects so as to train leaders and high-ranking officials.

    To this regards, FIIAP carries out three types of actions:

    • Managing administrative consulting projects that mobilise more than 1,100 civil servants a year;
    • Conducting and promoting studies related to public administrations and policies;
    • Participating in the training of high-ranking officials and political leaders.