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About PPRD south II


The Euromed programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made Disasters (PPRD) is an EU funded programme aiming at raising national resilience of each southern Mediterranean partner country (countries targeted by the European Neighbourhood Policy – ENP) affected by a natural or man-made disaster, mainly through risk reduction (prevention, mitigation, public awareness) and preparedness (capacity building, contingency planning), including better cooperation at the international level.

 Building   on   lessons   learned   from   on going   and   previous programmes, the purpose of the project is to:

  • Stimulate the development of a national approach to disaster management based on  prevention, mitigation, and preparedness rather than on response, with  the involvement of governmental actors as well as of civil society stakeholders;
  • Encourage inter-regional co-ordination and co-operation in order to have co-ordinated responses of partner countries affected by the same disaster, and;
  • Reinforce   institutional   co-operation   between   the   EU Civil Protection Mechanisms, and, the ENP  South  partner  countries' civil  protection and  marine pollution systems.


The main results to be achieved under this phase are the following:

  • Reinforce the existing measures of risk prevention and mitigation at regional, national and local levels;
  • Improve the preparedness, facilitate the deployment   of appropriate   regional   warning systems, and   improve   the  co-ordinated  action  of  the  relevant  operational  centres, while  actively  involving  the populations at risk;
  • Introduce  post-disaster  recovery  planning  into the national civil protection systems;
  • Raise   awareness   of   civil   society stakeholders  (such as volunteers, NGOs, women’s groups etc.), that  could  be potentially  involved  in  disaster  prevention,  mitigation, preparedness  and  co-ordinated response actions


PPRD South 2 programme (2013-2016) is the continuation of the PPRD South I (2010-2013), but also a hyphen with the ECHO program 2014 – 2020 which will mainly focus on prevention, preparedness and communication in the risks and crisis management structures of ENP South and East regions.

The targeted countries of this programme are the southern neighbourhood ones, covered by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), namely: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria[1], Tunisia. This programme is funded through the ENPI.


[1] Coperation with Syria is temporarily suspended until further notice from the European Commission