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Risk mapping

  • general overview


    atlasThe PPRD South Risk Atlas displays on a map the level of  hazard, exposure and vulnerability to, and risk of earthquakesfloods, and landslides concerning the Programme Partner Countries.

    The Risk Atlas also includes a general map showing where key infrastructures (roads, railways, dams, airports) are located. It also includes a series of synoptic hazard maps(earthquake peak ground acceleration, earthquake events, floods, landslide, drought) for the Mediterranean region produced by the University of Columbia and used  for the elaboration of the PPRD South Risk Maps.

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  • Atlas by type of risks

    To visit the PPRD South Risk Maps select one of the sets of thematic maps at the bottom of the page:
    A new page will open up with, on the right end side, the map of the Mediterranean and on the left end side the "directory structure" of the countries and the related thematic maps.

    Click on the + boxes in the Directory structure to expand the groups of maps.

    Check the box near the name of a country and the box near the map title to see the thematic map on the... Read more